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Hi, I'm Ollie Francis. I'm a UX Consultant, Product Designer and Mentor based in Bristol, UK

I remove fear and help change behaviour around technology so that the people I work with can be more pragmatic and embrace change. I enable leaders and their teams to build more user-centred digital products that benefit society and human culture.

I founded UX design consultancy Deckchair with Becky Taylor. We work with teams to discover user needs and define business problems. I rapidly build prototypes to test with real users in days rather than weeks. I love to create a safe space for teams to thrive.

I have worked with teams on digital products and services for the NHS, Department of Health, University of Reading, H&M and the UK Space Agency.

I mentor individuals and teams looking to improve their UX process and practice. I've worked with leaders to change organisational culture and helped many humans find a new path in their careers.

Like many designers, I'm a frustrated artist at heart, so I explore the world through talks, writing and making, to express myself. I love to travel and play games. I'm currently building a cabin and working on a childrens book with friends.

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"Ollie has an expert ability to assimilate complex information and focus us on the pains and gains of our potential customers. His collaborative and coordinated process enabled rapid results."
"Ollie and Becky's approach is meticulous, methodical and practical. They are objective thinkers, always ready to find an innovative path that serves the user best. The client is always happy with what they do, and we know they’ll deliver."

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